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Design, versatility and safety are the 3 features that define the new Kivi Tour 2!
New entry in Kivi, born by the solid and constant collaboration with Kia Motors, it combines the elegant and sporty design of a sedan with the room of a family minivan. The new Kivi Tour 2 revolutionizes again the concept of mobility because it is a vehicle adapted for wheelchair driving and transport that can host up to three wheelchairs and two passengers seated on the original seats.
Just like all Kivi vehicles, Kivi Tour 2 has obtained the European homologation according to the Directive 2007/46/CE by passing all of its tests. The installation of the driving devices, fundamental to reach total autonomy, is done accordingly to each driver’s needs.

Kivi Tour 2



  • 1.7 CRDI 141 CV DCT Diesel, automatic gearbox with 7 speeds double clutch DCT, Class version

  • 1.7 CRDI 141 CV DCT Diesel, automatic gearbox with 7 speeds double clutch DCT, Platinum version


  • 7 year warranty / 150.000 km (according to manufacturer’s requirements)

  • ABS / BAS / ESP / HAC / ESS / VSM

  • 6 Airbag: front airbag, front side airbag and front&rear curtain airbags

  • 3 plugs 12V (front, 2nd row and trunk)

  • All-black interior

  • All-round Electric Windows, with Driver’s Auto Up-Down Function

  • Longitudinal roof bars

  • Bluetooth with Voice Recognition & Music Streaming + Steering Wheel Mounted Controls

  • 17” Alloy wheels 225/45R17 tyres

  • Smart Key

  • Automatic bi-zone air-conditioner with ionizer and rear vents

  • Cruise control with Flex Steer (Normal, Comfort & Sport Modes) and Steering Wheel Mounted Controls

  • Front lights with cornering lamps and LED day lights

  • Fog lights

  • Paino Black interior finish with leather details in the doors

  • Chrome Front Grille Surround

  • KIA Media Box and Steering Wheel Mounted Controls (radio with touchscreen 4,3" LCD CD/MP3, 4 speakers, 2 tweeter and rear camera)

  • Height adjustable driver’s seat and foldable passenger’s seat

  • External mirrors and handle’s color coordinated with the car

  • Electrically-adjustable external mirrors, with heat system and electrically foldable

  • Rain and twilight sensor

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Rear Spoiler

  • Foldable plates behind the front seats

  • Tire mobility kit

  • Trip Computer

  • Total Connectivity System (USB / Aux / iPod® connection)

  • Vanity Mirrors with light

  • Cooled passenger glove compartment

  • Dim rear windows

  • Leather-covered steering wheel

  • Steering wheel adjustable in height and length

Techno Pack, includes

  • Kia Navigation System (Touchscreen 7”) + 7 year map updating + subwoofer and speaker + external amp + DAB

  • Smart Key

  • “High glossy black” external finishing and front grill

  • External rear-mirrors with integrated arrows and lights


As an add-on of the CLASS equipment:

  • “High glossy black” external finishing

  • 18” Alloy wheel rims with 225/45R18 tyres

  • Electronic hand brake (DEB)

  • Electronic Parking Prake (parcheggio elettronico)

  • Smart Parking Assist System

  • Kia Navigation System (Touchscreen 7”) + 7 year map update. DAB Kia Connected Services. Apple Car Play/Android Auto subwoofer. Speaker and external amp

  • Rear LED

  • Electric-opening panoramic roof

  • Blind Spot Detection

  • Lane Departure Warning System

  • Rear Cross trafic Alert

  • Light-adjusting inner rear-mirror

  • External rear-mirrors with integrated arrows and lights

  • Smart Key with Start button

  • Speed limit information function (automatic speed limit detector)

  • Supervision cluster

  • Aero Blade-type Front Wipers

No optional equipment is applied.


Getting inside the vehicle and reaching the desired position with the wheelchair has never been so easy: thanks to a light push on the “open” button of the designed remote control, Kivi Tour 2 begins it automatic cycle that allows the lowering of the vehicle down to a minimum height of 60 mm from the ground, the opening of the Hatch and the lowering of the ramp.
At the driver and co-driver position there are two docking plates that allow the user of the vehicle to fix the wheelchair, electric or manual, to the floor, allowing the quick locking and unlocking, also of the original seats
The person on the wheelchair can decide at any moment if he or she wants to be a passenger or drive the vehicle, both on their own wheelchair or original car seat.
Just as the Kivi Soul eMotion, the Kivi Tour 2 is equipped with rear suspension system by Vb Air Suspension that allows the vehicle to always keep the ideal asset and height from the ground no matter the weight or how many people are inside the vehicle.
Through the special “K” Button, located on the Kivi control panel, the driver can also raise the vehicle up to a maximum of 220 mm, to easily pass over obstacles such as entry ramps or road obstacles. To go back to driving height, (150 mm) the driver just has to push the button “K” again or go over 30 km/h activating therefore the automatic lowering of the suspensions
The design of the inside is functional and carefully made:

  • The floor is available in two different covers: the elegant grey fitted carpet or the practical and resistant gray PPE

  • Two stainless steel sides are placed near the front doors to protect the inner cover from scratches or hits that may occur when moving the wheelchair

  • In the lower part of the dashboard, a comfortable glove compartment has been added

Kivi Tour 2
Kivi Tour 2
Kivi Tour 2


The Kivi Tour 2 has an inner height of 142 cm and can comfortably host up to 5 people, where 3 of them are seated on a wheelchair.
With only one adaptation, it is possible to choose among different configurations that can be instantly switched with the one most suited for your needs.

1. A wheelchair on the drivers’ place and the original seat in the front passengers’ side.
2. A wheelchair on the front passengers’ place and the original seat on the driver’s side.
3. A wheelchair on the drivers’ place and another wheelchair in the front passengers’ side.
4. Original seat on the drivers’ side and front passengers’ side.
5, 6 e 7*. * In all cases it is possible to host another wheelchair in the rear part of the vehicle without losing the two rear seats. (Configuration available only if the maximum weight is not surpassed)..
It is always possible to use Kivi Tour 2 in its original setting, without the transport of any wheelchair in it.

Kivi Tour 2
Kivi Tour 2


One of the fundamental requirements of the Kivi Tour 2 is to allow the driver and the passengers to travel in complete serenity, and therefore, some safety innovations have been added:

  • An extra handset (to use as an alternative to the remote control), located in the lower part of the dashboard, that activates the opening and closing cycle of suspensions/hatch/ramp

  • A double releasing system of the docking plates, that allows the release of the seat and/or wheelchair both electronically and manually, through the pressing of a button on the control panel for the first, and through a red handle located on the rear part of the dashboard for the second

  • A handle located on the rear hatch and accessible to the person on the wheelchair, that allows the manual opening from the inside

  • A useful glass breaking and seatbelt-cutting hammer, to use in case of emergency

  • An emergency kit that allows the manual lifting of the vehicle’s suspensions, in case of malfunctioning, up to the ideal circulating height

  • The hatch and the ramp can always be manually controlled by the helper

Just like all Kivi vehicles, Kivi Tour 2 has obtained the European homologation according to the Directive 2007/46/CE by passing all of its tests (seatbelts docking, mass and dimension, sound level, emissions, tank, braking, electromagnetic compatibility inner refining, seat docking).
Thanks to this homologation, in all European Community Countries, it is not necessary during the registration, to perform an inspection test. Just take the Conformity Certificate issued by Kivi to the Motorization Office.
The driving devices installed in the vehicle however, will follow the regulation according to the country where the vehicle will be registered.


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